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An interactive educational website that hosts, evaluates, and evolves internet games and training simulators for audiences of all generations in a variety of disciplines.

Playing computer games is widely popular among children and teenagers as an entertainment activity; however computer games can also be easily transformed into tools for education. City University London’s City eHealth Research Centre (CeRC) - has developed such educational computer games to improve young people’s understanding of the importance of hand and respiratory hygiene and responsible antibiotic use; and to teach school syllabus concepts such as microbes, the spread and prevention of infection, antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance.

We have developed a game platform as an open-source, low-cost, and re-usable framework to promote game development for education and entertainment. The platform enables the efficient development of new story-based educational games with new learning objectives along with the ability to support translation into any language. For example, the current CeRC games have been translated into 11 European languages (English, Belgian-French, Flemish, Czech, Danish, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish).

Currently, this site is under construction; however, in addition to the existing CeRC games for school children, we are investigating the possibilities of using such games for adult education such as nursing, as well as examining the effectiveness of these games to convey messages to particular academic, industrial (or otherwise) communities.

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